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It All Started With An Offroad Adventure

Posted by Rare Parts Inc. on Sep 6, 2016 1:39:32 PM

Recently we wrote about how the Fab Series® steering received its U.S. patent, but we wanted to share a little backstory behind how the cartridge system came to be. Marshall Giorgi, our Vice President and the brain behind its creation, took an off-road trip with his Jeep and had a revelation on that day when he realized that there was a faster and better way to replace tie rod ends and or drag link ends while on the trail.

Marshall noticed that replacing parts on the trail took a significant amount of time because of the fact that tie rod ends and drag link ends have to be unthreaded to be replaced. Not only is it a pain to unthread 3.5 inches of a rusted tire rod end or drag link end, but now you have to thread the new parts in and try to realign the vehicle while on the trail. Parts never seem to wear out when you're on the easy part of the trail, and not to mention, most people don’t carry a tape measure on the trail to help align a vehicle.

The other pain point that most of us have is trying to determine which extra parts to take with us. It's pretty challenging to predict which parts could potentially wear while you're out wheeling. Marshall also knew that most off-roaders return from the trail with a list of things that they would like to do to their vehicle to improve performance on the trail. Many people come home thinking about buying bigger tires, lower gears, lockers, stronger axle shafts and, a heavy duty high steer system. For Marshall, his wife got tired of his buying and selling of new parts that he had just bought for his jeep. Every time he came back from a trip he felt like he needed something bigger, better and meatier to make his Jeep more capable on the trail.

Marshall noticed another issue from his days of building steering systems for a local 4x4 shop. The shop would request he use two right hand threaded tie rod ends for the end of the tie rod assembly and drag link assembly. The good thing about this was that customers only had to carry one spare part because everything had right hand threads. The bad part was, customers would have to pull the stud out of the tapered hole every time they wanted to rotate sleeves while aligning the vehicle. This was another problem he wanted to solve, and he knew there was a better way. 

And thus, the Fab Series® steering system was born. 

Marshall compares working with the Fab Series® to playing with "adult legos" and it really is that fun, fast and easy. It's a completely customizable steering system that caters to the off-roader who wants to spend more time on the trail and spend less money on upgrades. 

"If you come back from the trail and want to go with a higher steer because your steering hits the rocks, do it with the Fab Series®. You don’t have to sell your Fab Series® steering because you want to change it to a high steer configuration. Simply unthread the cartridge and thread it in from the other direction. This system will grow with you because it’s so capable of many different configurations. Another great feature for off-roaders is that unthreading a cartridge from a tie rod end forging will not change the center to center measurement on your tie rod assembly and or drag link end. Therefore, you will not have to realign the vehicle and mess around with the hassle of centering your steering wheel."

-Marshall Giorgi, Vice President of Rare Parts Inc.

"The sky is the limit with the FabSeries steering system. It was made and designed for the do it yourself fabricator."

-Danny Burgess, President of Rare Parts Inc.

Curious about getting your hands on a Rare Parts Fab Series® steering system? You can find them here:

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