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Manufacturing Monday's Featured Product Tie Rod Assembly

Posted by Rare Parts Inc. on Nov 30, 2017 8:27:35 AM

Tie Rod Assemblies.jpegThis week’s Manufacturing Monday's featured product is our tie rod assembly - Part#: RP29493. Order one today for your van and feel the difference!

Ford had an immediate hit on its hands with the first-generation of the E100 series vans and trucks, responding to similar offerings from GM and Volkswagen. The versatile and economical Falcon-based first generation, however, was soon succeeded by the bigger, beefed-up second generation of more conventional vans beginning in 1968. 

These continue to be workhorses on the road today and are sought by collectors. Despite their popularity, however, it can be difficult to find parts. That's especially true for right-hand-drive models, typically used originally as ice cream trucks and postal vans.

A customer restoring one of these recently approached Rare Parts looking for a tie-rod assembly, and we were happy to accommodate. Now we manufacture these assemblies at home in the US. The design is steel on steel and it can be greased. We know for certain this assembly will work with the right-hand 1971 E100 but can't be sure it will fit other year models due to gaps in Ford's parts cataloging. So give us a call with precise dimensions, and we'll work with you.

 Fits These Models:

Ford E100 RHD '71
(and possibly other years)


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