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Danny Burgess Invests in the Central Valley Community's STEM Program

Posted by Rare Parts Inc. on Aug 10, 2016 10:47:03 AM

Manufacturing the highest quality steering and suspension parts on the market requires not just the knowledge of hundreds of car makes and models; it also takes a strong background in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

When Rare Parts President Danny Burgess grew up learning the tools of the trade in the Stockton Rare Parts manufacturing facility after school, he learned technical skills that would prepare him to lead a company that manufactures and designs the World’s most rugged and difficult to recreate steering and suspension parts in the industry. 


President of Rare Parts, Danny Burgess, teaches drafting concepts to summer intern, Derek Cham as part of the North Central Valley STEM Center partnership.

"I remember coming to the shop after school and using the math and engineering involved with making parts that would accurately fit the customer’s car. This helped me grow my career and now I have the opportunity to pass this knowledge along through this hands-on mentorship. It’s great to learn the theory behind these concepts in the classroom, but this program really takes it to the next level by allowing these students to apply those learned skills in the real world. Being a part of this collaboration with North Central Valley STEM Center really feels full circle for me because I also learned how to translate what I learned at school in the shop," said Rare Parts President, Danny Burgess.

Summer intern Jake Ramirez performing a tensile pull out test on an inner tie rod end.

Summer interns Derek Cham and Jake Ramirez using one of Rare Parts tensile test machines to verify a parts ultimate strength alongside Rare Parts President, Danny Burgess.

The North Central Valley STEM Center is a Regional Collaborative Partnership that facilitates and supports educational opportunities between Northern Central Valley leaders in business and industry. Through this partnership, Rare Parts created an 8 week, paid summer internship program to teach students skills related to drafting, auto CAD, solid works and other manufacturing applications..

“We’re proud to be a part of this STEM initiative with North Central Valley STEM Center and look forward to continuing this partnership in the coming years,” said Danny Burgess. 


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